Screenshots from ChameleonOS Alpha 1, released 12th July 2010

Default desktop:

New look default-green skin. Lxpanel provides top taskbar with applications menu and bottom launcher. Clearlooks-olive Openbox theme, XFCE-winter gtk theme, Oxygen-refit 2 green icon theme. GDM theme is Arc-Colors. Customized openbox menu provides easy access to change appearance and skins. Why green? Chameleons are green too (some of the time)!

GDM Login Screen Live CD default desktop

Default green skin with applications Openbox skins changing menu

Default-black-and-blue Skin:

Black and blue themed skin based on the default desktop. Audacious GTK theme, Onyx Openbox theme, Oxygen-Refit-2 blue icons.

Default black and blue skin Default black and blue with icons

The default skin is also available in blue, orange and red.

KDE3-lite skin:

This skin is designed to provide the look and feel of the classic KDE 3.5 desktop. If you were a fan of KDE3.5 but not KDE4, you will love this skin using a customized Lxpanel menu and idesk providing desktop icons. Crystal Gnome icons and Clearlooks Openbox and GTK themes.

KDE3 lite skin KDE3 lite skin with file manager

Gnomeish Skin:

This skin provides an almost identical version of the default Gnome desktop with 2 x lxpanels and Thunar file manager. Tango icon theme, Clearlooks GTK and Openbox theme.. Fantastic way to get a light and zippy Gnome desktop!

Gnomeish skin with places menu Gnomeish skin with admin menu and file manager

Apple-bite Skin:

Mac OSX style skin. 2 x Lxpanels. Glossy GTK theme, iRaveH20 icon theme, Unified Openbox theme.

Apple-bite skin Apple-bite skin with menu and file manager

Redmond7 Skin:

Windows Vista/7 style desktop with customized Lxpanel, Linsta icon and GTK themes, Onyx Openbox theme and idesk providing desktop icons.

Redmond7 skin Redmond7 skin with menu and file manager


9 Responses to Screenshots

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  2. gnomic says:

    Is the chameleon not essentially African in origin, and in its main habitat? I think you will find that it is. Some mistake in the page header?

    • chameleonos says:

      Hi there. You are right, Chameleons do live in Africa and Madagascar. There is also an American Chameleon too, apparently. What I shall probably have to do is to change the header to “Any of several African or American lizards capabale of changing the color of the skin”. It’s just that the original definition I found specifically mentioned the American one.
      Anyway, hope you enjoy ChameleonOS – it’s British 😉

  3. Roberto says:

    This distro looks very solid to be an alpha. Congratulations! I’ll try it as soon as my download is finished.

  4. Jerry says:

    Actually, the so-called “American chameleon” isn’t a chameleon at all, it’s an anole.

    • richjack says:

      Thankfully I have since removed all references to American chameleons or a chameleon of any other origin 🙂 I am fairly certain that the main characteristic of a chameleon is the ability to change the colour of the skin, so I think I am still safe with my OS name!

  5. biggles1000 says:

    You are a few steps away from making it look just like W7 or OS X, yet are not getting ere. Please, please make it properly ‘chameleon’ and look exactly like the desired OS. I skinned gOS, and it was almost like OS X visually, but fell just short, so please make it look the same (incl. coverflow etc.)!

    • richjack says:

      Thanks for your comments. The intention is to get it looking similar to, not identical to W7 or OSX and here’s why:
      1. I do not intend to include any copyrighted or trademarked material. So genuine MS and Apple icons and wallpaper are out of the question.

      2. It is not possible to replicate the OSX menu bar in Lxpanel. I understand that this is only possible with gnome-panel (gOS was running on Gnome). Since this is meant to be a light-weight linux system running Openbox, then we will have to live without that. However, I might look into using adeskbar as a dock in a future release which might work for both the Apple-bite and Redmond7 themes.

      3. Openbox only allows black and white pixmaps for the window icons, so it’s not possible to replicate the Apple or MS maximise, minimise, close icons. It is possible to do this in PekWM but I haven’t been able to get this to work on my PC. A PekWM based release might be an option at a later date when I can devote more time to it.

      4. Finally, ChameleonOS is designed to be able to instantly change skins. Configurability is high on the agenda, but it will be bound by the limitations of the base system – Openbox, LXPanel, Thunar etc… It is not intended to be a clone of any other OSs, but a fun alternative which with a bit of work could mimic some of the look and feel of other OSs, some better than others.

      I hope this doesn’t disappoint you.

  6. DragonMist says:

    richjack I have been long awaiting a Linux OS that was customizable to the User Tastes and so far Chameleon OS is by far looking to be the best of that. A store much like the Ubuntu store would help with the customization of this OS so Users may install whatever software they need. With a store you wouldn’t need to add much to the CD therefore keeping it at that 500 – 600 MB size.
    A look and feel without much Linux knowledge would be AWESOME!!! And keeping it light-weight is great for users without high end systems that want a modern look and feel. THANK!!

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