Download ChamelonOS

Current release: 2010-12-07, chameleonos-alpha1.iso 500MB

The current alpha release can be downloaded from the Unity Linux mirrors:

Please select the mirror nearest to you geographically. Browse the ISOs directory and download the file chamelonos-alpha1.iso. You will also find the MD5SUM if you want to verify your download.

Alternatively you may download the ISO from Filefront:

The ISO file is a live cd and will need burning to a CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW. I can recommend using Imgburn if you are using Windows.

Once burned, insert the CD/DVD into your PC and reboot. If your PC is not set to boot from CD/DVD before the hard drive, you will need to enter your BIOS and change the boot order so it boots from CD/DVD (or optical drive) before the internal hard drive.

Once the live CD boots you will see a screen with various boot options. Try booting with the default option first. If that doesn’t work, then try the other boot options. At the very least the safe mode boot should work on most machines. A list of possible ‘cheat codes’ for booting can be found here. There are some problems booting with nvidia graphics cards. If you encounter troubles booting, try adding vga=normal to the boot line by pressing F3 at the boot screen and then typing it in.

Once the live CD starts to boot, you will see the Plymouth boot splash and eventually you will get to a prompt asking you to enter language settings.

To login to the live desktop, click on the guest account and type the password guest. If you need root access at any point the live cd root password is root.

You can install ChameleonOS using the desktop icon on the default desktop, or by choosing the install menu entry under Tools|System Tools. The installer is a graphical installer which will ย guide you through the installation process and takes 5-15 minutes depending upon hardware. You may partition your hard drive prior to installation, or let the installer partition for you, or use manual partitioning from within the installer.

21 Responses to Download ChamelonOS

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  2. Andrew says:

    Very excited to see this release of ChameleonOS. Downloading now.

  3. Looks fine for those of us a bit ‘long in the tooth’ (if I still had any teeth, that is). Surprisingly easy to change the look of the o/s, but does this mean it won’t have a distinctive character? This is my worry. Otherwise an O/S to watch out for (have you seen the write-up in “Linux Format” magazine, here in the UK?)!

    • chameleonos says:

      No, I haven’t seen a write up but I’ll look into it ASAP!

      I am hoping that the next release will have better branding so that even if you keep switching the look of the desktop, the grub, plymouth bootsplash and GDM screen will all point to this being ChameleonOS. Oh and the default theme will be better ‘branded’ as well!

  4. Tandyn says:

    I saw a review of your distro in Linux Format. I came here to dl and try it out but I can find no working links. Is it me or did the files get moved?

  5. devon says:

    the file front link is broken the url when I clicked download was broken or gone

  6. francis says:

    the iso link is broken….

  7. limoeiro says:

    here is a link to download chameleon ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. dbb says:

    Can’t download, all the links are broken!

  9. Redex 32 57 says:

    I try install Chameleon OS alpha on my pc, but it request me a “Administrative password”
    What can i do?

  10. DragonMist says:

    I installed Chameleon OS via Virtual Machine. Runs Awesome. I would so use this if it had the Ubuntu Store so I can install whatever software I need. It lacks software as of now, but with the Ubuntu store it would be a super customizable Linux OS that’s easy to use to the User’s taste.

  11. DBB says:

    You can install synaptic or pacman I think.

  12. manos says:

    none of those links are working ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. Me says:


  14. Dan says:

    Hello, I find your project very interesting. I am currently running a tech support, web design, and refurbished iphone selling company. We are small, and based out of New Jersey. I would love to get involved! You can email me at or contact us at

  15. ConcernedChameleon says: still has downloads…they’re old…but hey, maybe someone can resurrect the project?

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