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Progress update

Hello all I am still plodding on, though work on the new Beta is slow just now as I have started a new job and am in way over my head at the moment! I have just finished writing a … Continue reading

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Featured in UK Linux Format

As a few of you have commented, ChameleonOS has been ‘featured’ in the UK November edition of Linux Format magazine (LX137). It’s a small feature in the Distrowatch section, but it’s very positive and has really made my week :). The … Continue reading

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ChameleonOS Desktop Control Panel is here

One of the problems with the minimal desktop based on Openbox is the distinct lack of GUIs for common system admin. Luckily ChameleonOS has the Unity Linux Control Center (basically the famous Mandriva Control Center) which is great for configuring … Continue reading

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Things are coming together slowly

It’s slow developing a distro/branch when you’re a one-man show – thankfully the base system is pretty solid and most of the packages I need are included so hats off to the Unity Linux development team. Anyway, I am making … Continue reading

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Related projects

As I have been working on ChameleonOS I have been discovering all sorts of related projects, usually small user-contributed scripts on various forums and other less-well-known applications. Some of these are truly excellent and will make it into future releases. … Continue reading

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Not-quite weekly update

Well I guess starting a weekly update is a sure fire way of getting yourself behind schedule 🙂 So, this blog is not quite weekly, but I will endeavour to post regularly as I update and work on ChameleonOS. My … Continue reading

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New Minimalist Skin

For those of you that just want Openbox and a simple panel, this skin is for you. There is a system tray on the panel should you need it, but all applets are disabled at start up to free up … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Just finished the GUI for the ‘app store’ to allow simple installation of a range of applications, including applications not in the Unity repos eg Adobe Reader and Picasa: I am now working on a GUI for LXSkins, similar to … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

There’s lots of activity going on behind the scenes to make the next release of ChameleonOS as feature-rich and complete as possible. As I’ve already mentioned, there will be a big hike in the number of preinstalled applications, so that … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Just a quick update on progress since releasing the initial alpha build. Response has been phenomenal since the listing on Distrowatch. We’re not on the database yet, but we have been noticed – over 5,000 website hits on the first … Continue reading

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