Progress update

Hello all

I am still plodding on, though work on the new Beta is slow just now as I have started a new job and am in way over my head at the moment!

I have just finished writing a liveusb installation script for Unity Linux that will find it’s way into the next release, but can be downloaded soon from the testing repo. The script is called gliveusb and can create a running live system on a USB stick with persistency.

On a slight tangent, I have just installed Qimo for my son on a spare laptop. He is 3 and loves Tuxpaint! Qimo has some nice touches, but it’s just a standard xubuntu install with child-friendly apps. The interface is standard XFCE. It made me think about creating a kids skin for ChameleonOS, just to see how it might be designed to make it easier for really young infants to navigate the filesystem.

Back to business. The devs at Unity are just working on a new stable snapshot ISO and interestingly also a CLI ISO. It seems to make sense to use one of these as the base for the next beta, so that will be my target.

Finally, thanks to Mark who posted a comment with a link to a review of ChameleonOS by sneekylinux on YouTube: The review is pretty positive, though he doesn’t seem to like to Gnome skin, so I may work on that for the next release.

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4 Responses to Progress update

  1. D says:

    I just want to say that you are doing an amazing work, and thank you in the name of all of us who have old computers or weak laptops/notebooks.

    I’m still using Mandriva in my crappy Presario because i need a 64bits OS, but as soon as I can get that from your distro (or unity 64 + your scrips and progams) count me in.

  2. Robert Pettet says:

    Hi, just checking on status of this project. Tried this out when it first came out, and loved the project. Was hoping it would be continued. Thanks, Rob

  3. lucius says:

    Hi, just found out about chameleon from sneakylinux and got excited! Between the ubuntu and gnome 3 UI changes, it’s refreshing to see an OS that allows such drastic changes to the look&feel of the UI with 1 click, without having to commit to any specific user ideology! Very playful! Looking forward to sticking it to a USB stick, carrying it around and showing it off! 🙂

  4. Hot Chilli says:

    Why you stopped the development of this system? So promising, lite and good lookin. Too bad…

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