Featured in UK Linux Format

As a few of you have commented, ChameleonOS has been ‘featured’ in the UK November edition of Linux Format magazine (LX137).

It’s a small feature in the Distrowatch section, but it’s very positive and has really made my week :). The article title is Blending in, ChameleonOS: Disguise your Linux box to look like Windows or a Mac. I shouldn’t copy the entire article, but to summarise, the articles states:

There’s a new distro in town and it’s one of the most intersting in years… It’s a simple idea but one that no one has really done before… we’ve never seen a distribution ship with the mechanism to change its appearance so completely with just the click of a button… It seems functional and loads of fun… Keep your eye on this one.”

Then there’s a screenshot of the Apple-bite skin. Thanks Linux Format!

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4 Responses to Featured in UK Linux Format

  1. Jonny says:

    I just read the article in Linux Format, page 39:)
    I’ll continue.
    “It’s not just Windows or Mac OS X that can be imitated either – the KDE and Gnome desktop are represented two. ChameleonOS also comes with something more traditional themes as well , but the former are most striking because of their stunning transformations.
    ChamelonOS is an installable live CD and includes some handy applications such as Chromium, Pidgin, Sylpheed, Twitux, Audacious and Gnome MPlayer. ”

    Keep your eyes on this one!

  2. mdawkins says:

    Rich we’re really waiting to see what else you got up your sleeve. I show off your distro everywhere and I can’t wait to see a new release on a updated core. Keep up your good work and it will pay off for you.


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