Related projects

As I have been working on ChameleonOS I have been discovering all sorts of related projects, usually small user-contributed scripts on various forums and other less-well-known applications. Some of these are truly excellent and will make it into future releases.

Where I haven’t been able to find something that does just what I need, I have been developing my own, mainly in bash but some in Python. The first of these is ready – battmon.

Battmon is a simple battery monitor system tray applet. It is written in bash/zenity and uses acpi to gather battery information and display an appropriate icon. Hover over the icon and a tooltip tells you the current charge and how long until it’s fully charged, or in the case of running on battery, how much charge and time is left.

It has command line options to change the delay between tooltip updates (default is 10 seconds), whether to beep on critical battery (5%) or whether to hibernate on critical battery (this uses pm-hibernate so pm-utils needs to be installed).

battmon can be downloaded from the new projects page and should work on any Linux system.

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2 Responses to Related projects

  1. Ed says:

    Great idea – liking the UI

    Also congratulations! Your distro is in Linux Format ๐Ÿ™‚ Issue 137, page 39!

    • chameleonos says:

      I’ve just rushed out to WHSmith to buy Linux Format, flipped to page 39 and… doh, I’ve just bought issue 136. You must be a subscriber as it’s not in the shops yet ๐Ÿ˜€

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