Not-quite weekly update

Well I guess starting a weekly update is a sure fire way of getting yourself behind schedule 🙂 So, this blog is not quite weekly, but I will endeavour to post regularly as I update and work on ChameleonOS. My family is expanding – I have a beautiful baby girl just 3 days old, so I am grabbing some quiet time while I can for an update.

First, sorry to anyone who has posted a comment and found it hasn’t appeared. Quite a few comments are getting caught in the spam filter and I don’t get email notifications. So, I have approved all pending comments and I will respond to you all here now, by saying, thanks very much for all your positive comments – they really help to keep me motivated.

Preparations towards the next release are going well, if not at break-neck speed. For the next release I want a more rounded working environment with fewer reasons for manual editing of text files to get things done. I have worked on a few simple GUIs and am gathering together useful additional applications that will help to make desktop appearance and use all the easier. I intend to pull these together in a control centre of some sort much like the KDE control center.

I have gratefully had permission to use a fantastic piece of artwork as the main background throughout, albeit with a small watermark by way of reference, but the artwork is so spectacular and ‘made for’ ChameleonOS it is worth it. I am now adapting it for the necessary bootsplash and login themes which will be included in the next release. More on this later…

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