Weekly Update

Just finished the GUI for the ‘app store’ to allow simple installation of a range of applications, including applications not in the Unity repos eg Adobe Reader and Picasa:

Add more software GUI

I am now working on a GUI for LXSkins, similar to that of Nitrogen. I have something that works, but I would like a bit more functionality:


Finally, as requested on the Unity forums, I am investigating simple window compositing using xcompmgr and transset for desktop effects. The effects are nice, but a bit slow on my ageing laptop, however, I will probably make them available through a menu item or autostart script:

xcompmgr and transset desktop effects

Inspiration for all this comes from AdComp on the Crunchbang forums, who has created numerous gorgeous Python scripts. His website is well worth a visit, though it is French:

I notice that he has made a GUI for Openbox autostart configuration, so I’ll have to look into that as I was about to create one myself!

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6 Responses to Weekly Update

  1. KDulcimer says:

    The Openbox autostart script is a little too hacky for my taste. I’ll see if there’s anything I can code up which works with the current Openbox autostart.sh.

    • chameleonos says:

      That’d be cool, thanks KDulcimer. I am currently thinking about separating out the openbox startup into 2 files. The first will be the actual Openbox.sh script which will load useful stuff like:
      export DE=gnome
      lxpanel -p xxx &
      nitrogen --restore

      Then I will put all the applets and daemons into another bash script so that a user can pick and choose which ones to run eg: GVolwheel, Netapplet, Battmon, thunar-volman, xscreensaver. It’s this second file that I was thinking about writing a GUI for so that a user on a slow system could free up resources by disabling any apps s/he can do without.

      This will make it easier to edit the autostart script from the LXSkins scripts.

  2. ADcomp says:

    Hello .. πŸ™‚

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