Weekly Update

There’s lots of activity going on behind the scenes to make the next release of ChameleonOS as feature-rich and complete as possible. As I’ve already mentioned, there will be a big hike in the number of preinstalled applications, so that hopefully there will be one decent, but light-weight (where available) application to cover most end-user needs.
I am currently working on a graphical Smart front-end to make the installation of common applications a simple one-click process (well maybe 3 altogether, but still). This will allow you to easily install things like Firefox, OpenOffice, GIMP, restricted codecs, Adobe Reader etc…
There will be a few behing the scenes updates to LXSkins like reducing repetition within the scripts. I am looking into developing a preview feature, similar to the Nitrogen wallpaper application as a user interface for LXSKins, though the Openbox menu will still be available.
I am reconfiguring the way that Openbox start-up is managed to make it easier for a user to pick and choose which applications they want to run on start-up eg smart-applet, net-applet, GVolwheel, battery monitor. If you are tight on memory and can do without these applets I want to give you an easy process to remove them. I also want to separate default start-up apps from additional apps that start up with the chosen skin eg idesk icons.
I am also working on application menu tweaks. I am not in love with the Mandriva method of ‘nested’ menus that Unity has inherited. I hate the ‘more’ menus and the fact that System Tools in nested in Tools. I am also creating manu shortcuts to common social networking and web apps and where appropriate, making use of the alternative interfaces provided for mobile devices such as the iPad.
As Chromium is the default browser and it uses the XDG Mime defaults for application opening, I will be striving to configure default applications for most common Mime-types so that when you download a file in Chromium, you can click Open or Open in Folder and the appropriate action will ensue.
Finally I am looking into pm-utils to provide suspend and hibernate functionality. As many of you probably know, suspend to RAM and suspend to disk in Linux can be flaky. pm-utils provides scripts that allow you to try it, though it will be at your own risk! On my desktop, both work fine. On my laptop, suspend to RAM doesn’t work, but suspend to disk (hibernate) does!

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