Weekly update

Thanks to mdawkins and the Unity Linux team, we now have forum space on the Unity Linux forum: http://forum.unity-linux.org/forum-39.html

Please use this space if you want support using ChameleonOS.

The alpha release is now out and available for download on the Unity Linux mirrors. ChameleonOS is now on the Distrowatch waiting list and I am looking forward to when it will be included on the main database. This process can take about 3 months, so that gives me a nice timescale to work towards a more complete release.


  • Rebase off Unity Linux 2010.1
  • Complete branding throughout bootsplash and startup
  • Package up modifications as RPMs and create a small ChameleonOS repository
  • Continue researching applications and finalize default applications. I am thinking that we need a word processor and a decent music manager installing.
  • Fine tune existing skins and create more cool skins for the final release. I currently working on an ipad skin (screenshots coming soon).
  • Experiment further with Pekwm. This window manager is very similar to Openbox but has full colour themeable window decor.
  • Monitor PCManFM2 – if this reaches stable status anytime soon, it could become the default file manager
  • Clean up LXSkins scripts
  • Create an app store interface for easy installation of popular/3rd party/non-free applications.
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