ipad skin in development – screenshot

Here is an early preview of an iPad™ skin that I am working on called iChameleon! The desktop icons are set using idesk. Most of the icons are customised from free remakes.

ichameleon skin

To ensure all the expected functionality is present, I have included the following apps, some or all of which may find their way into the next release of ChameleonOS:

  • Twitux – Twitter client
  • Pidgin – IM client
  • Minitube and H.264 codecs – YouTube client
  • Abiword – minimal version of the Gnome word processor
  • Guayadeque – music manager with Shoutcast and LastFM support (thanks z3r0 for pointing me in this direction).
  • Shotwell – simple photo management

I have also come across a great command line technique for displaying websites using the Chromium web browser in a new window which is ideal for web apps. The apps have the same look and feel as the apps on the iPhone™ or iPad.

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