Progress Update

I am conscious that Unity Linux have released the final version, so I now feel like I am against the clock to make a first release. Here’s progress so far:

  • Making adjustments to LXSkins ‘create skin from current desktop’ feature so that it correctly alters the Openbox autostart file with the new skin name
  • Added Openbox pipe menu to check for new skins on the fly and provide link to change into that skin
  • Updated numerous bespoke scripts
  • Working on default blue, orange and red skins to complement the default green skin. These are all based on the OxygenRefit 2 icon scheme and I am currently adjusting the icon theme sets to reduce repetition of icon files and reduce overall install size
  • Tidying up each skin to ensure all application links work as expected.
  • Making a start on removing unnecessary files etc…

I have ideas for the second release already, but I need to call a halt at some point and get cracking on rolling that ISO. Will keep posting news as it comes…

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